Carbonite Endpoint 360 is Carbonite’s cloud backup solution for Android smartphones and tablets. This product is primarily marketed towards mobile businesses, however the product is more specifically, designed to perform well in cooperation with smaller businesses. This backup service is a good solution for businesses whose employees complete much of their work remotely, as this product also backs up laptops, protecting against data loss across the entire 365 Microsoft Office Suite.



Carbonite Endpoint 360 uses geo-tracking and remote wipe technology to protect data against hackers, and locate Android devices if they are stolen. Additionally, the security features within this product’s technology protects Android devices against ransomware and hardware failure. The product saves on bandwidth use with advanced deduplication technology, resulting in a fast service with rapid data recovery. The backup solution features automated backups, however backups are limited to four times per day, which could be problematic for large businesses with a high level of daily productivity. This product stores approximately 100GB per device, however the company offers unlimited storage for an extra fee.



Carbonite offers an impressive 30 day free trial for all of their products, including Endpoint 360. Carbonite charges $24 USD per month to protect data on multiple computers, or $50 per month for the additional protection of multiple servers.


Ease of Use

Carbonite Endpoint 360 uses Microsoft Azure to provide users with centralized management of their Android devices. Users can access this centralized vault from anywhere, however the interface becomes complex when a large number of users and devices are involved. Automated backups and deleted file recovery give customers peace of mind, and the frequency of backups can easily be adjusted by the user.



The company boasts 24/7 customer support, however users often have trouble in correspondence with the Carbonite tech experts. Customers report unanswered questions and slow responses from the Carbonite Endpoint team.


Product Summary

Overall, Carbonite Endpoint 360 offers small businesses a fast service at a reasonable price with fairly simple interface due to their centralized management system. The company prioritizes security, taking great measures in their technology to protect customers against hacking, human error, and device theft. Carbonite is a reputable cloud backup service provider and the product offers many valuable features, making it well worth the price, however users may run into problems when attempting to contact an expert for support, or adding too many users and devices to the service.