Acronis True Image provides a quick, highly secure cloud backup solution for NAS devices. Acronis offers a host of unique features, which other solutions for NAS do not have access to. The Acronis cloud backup product is impressive in many categories, however its advanced features come at a higher price than many other products.


The Acronis True Image product uses an image backup to back up your hard drive and computer data, with a unique feature that clears space on your hard drive. NAS devices can be backed up to local and cloud storage through mobile backups, unlike many cloud backup solutions. This product also allows for file-syncing. Blockchain technology, AES 256-bit private encryption, SSL protocol, and highly protected data centres all over the world are used to ensure the software’s security. Acronis also has a free “Acronis Active Protection 2.0” software, which is added to their products at no extra charge, and protects data on your NAS devices against ransomware. The product features versioning technology, to access various versions of your files. Data storage is limited, however backups are fast, and NAS device users can use the product to back up five devices.

Ease of Use

The Acronis True Image cloud backup solution makes managing your NAS device backups simple with centralized desktop and application management. The page is easy to navigate, yet allows users to thoroughly adjust their settings and view all of their backup and storage information easily. Due to the limited storage space available on the Acronis True Image product, NAS device users are responsible for managing their storage space, and manually selecting files to back up, which can be tedious.


Acronis offers a free 30-day trial for their product, which is more generous than other companies in the space. The most cost-effective option for Acronis products is to purchase a lifetime subscription, however only their more advanced products allow for cloud storage, starting at $4.17 USD per month.


Acronis offers great support resources. Their website includes highly active forums featuring expert responses, as well as comprehensive guides to properly use their products. Additionally, NAS device users can access live 24/7 chat support, as well as phone support and request submissions for less urgent inquiries.

Product Summary

Overall, the Acronis True Image NAS backup solution is a unique product boasting mobile backups, blockchain technology, and servers all over the world, supporting fast backups. This product performs with a high level of security, and is fairly easy to use as information and adjustable settings can be found on the company’s website and applications. The Acronis team provides ample support, however storage and devices are limited, and most users are required to purchase one of the advanced versions of the product in order to reap all of Acronis’ benefits. This results in the Acronis True Image product being more expensive than other NAS backup solutions on the market.