Carbonite Safe Server Backup

    The Carbonite cloud backup solution for NAS devices is a good option for those who require a highly secure service, which has the ability to perform backups at a high speed. This however, comes at the cost of limited file options, a high price tag, and extra setup time.


    The Carbonite cloud backup solution for NAS automatically protects your data with AES 128-bit encryption technology, keeping your key stored and secured whether you decide to switch to private encryption or not. The product has one of the most impressive security systems with two-factor authentication, and an extensive security process for users to complete. Carbonite offers unlimited data storage, however there are a few file types, which the product does not support.

    Ease of use

    Customers can enjoy a user-friendly experience with simple interface on the Carbonite website and application. Customers can find all of the tools they need to manage their data on a single webpage. Users must manually begin their backup service, which can take time, however this process is fairly straight-forward. Additionally, for NAS devices, Carbonite uses a NAS-specific feature called “Safe Server Backup” where users must connect to NAS devices using a Windows desktop computer. The initial backup takes more time than other NAS cloud backup products, however once this initial process is complete, data is backed up relatively quickly.


    With all of the product options including unlimited storage space, Carbonite is more expensive than other services, ranging from$72 to $150 per year. The company offers a free 15-day trial for users to test their product, as well as various discounts for those who pay for the service two or three years in advance.


    This product is easy to navigate with quick and helpful support resources at hand, should users run into problems. The company’s website boasts a comprehensive knowledge base and FAQ articles for subscribers to find answers to common questions. Users can also contact the Carbonite team at any time with their 24/7 live chat support.

    Product Summary

    Overall, Carbonite boasts a highly secure product, which operates at a high speed beyond the initial backup. This NAS cloud backup solution is limited mainly in its inability to support all file types, and the high price, which customers are forced to pay for this product. Carbonite is a reputable company, which offers premium support resources for their products, as well as excellent performance, which makes this product worth the high price for those who are looking for a wide range of features in their NAS cloud backup solution. The product is also convenient for those who are not particularly tech-savvy as the centralized management makes it easy for all users to navigate the product.

    Pros And Cons
    • High level of security
    • Excellent customer support
    • High speed
    • Centralized management
    • Free trial period
    • Limited file types
    • High price point
    • Windows required for setup
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