CloudBerry offers a cloud backup solution for NAS devices, which works by pairing the product with a third party data storage service. Depending on the paired product, CloudBerry’s backup solution is able to perform fast data transfers and backups at a reasonable price.


CloudBerry’s cloud backup solution can access up to AES 256-bit technology for data security, however this is dependent upon the cloud storage service used in cooperation with this product. Encryption technology is only available for reading data and making changes on the client’s side, providing extra protection, and limited access. TLS protocol is used for secure data transfer. Versioning technology is also available in this product, allowing the user to access previous versions of files. For added security, users are encouraged to choose a data storage service with two-factor authentication.


CloudBerry provides a 15-day free trial for their most inexpensive product. This product can be purchased for a set price of $49.99, or customers can purchase the more advanced version of this product for $299.99. Users must however, take the added cost of a data storage service into consideration when assessing the price.

Ease of Use

The CloudBerry backup product for NAS is among the more difficult solutions to navigate, as it requires the user to search for an additional data storage solution, and connect the two products. The product requires a lot of manual setup, which is not for those who are not tech-savvy. The product can be managed online, or on their application, however this product requires a lot of manual setup. CloudBerry also fails to save the user’s password, which could be a problem for the more forgetful.


The CloudBerry products for NAS offer a range of support resources for users. CloudBerry provides a comprehensive FAQ page, informative videos, as well as communication via social media, email and online forums. Live chat and telephone support are also available for paying customers, adding to the company’s other lines of communication.

Product Summary

Overall, the CloudBerry backup solutions for NAS have the potential to secure your data well, and perform backups quickly, however the user is forced to subscribe to a third party data storage service in order for this product to work. This product can be purchased at a set price, which may be a good option for those who plan on using many devices and a large amount of gigabytes, as the user will not be charged based on usage. Users have access many support resources, however we do not recommend this product for those who are not comfortable with cloud backup technology, as it requires an extensive setup process, and manual control.