CrashPlan offers a highly secure cloud backup solution for QNAP devices, which could be a good option for those who are comfortable working with fairly complicated technology in exchange for a low price. This product is useful for those who require a large amount of data storage, as the company offers unlimited file storage.


    CrashPlan is well-regarded for its effective data security measures. This solution uses an impressive 448-bit local encryption, allowing the user to create a private key, which will never be detected on the company’s server. CrashPlan uses Java to back up data, meaning a third party download is required to operate this system. The product boasts versioning technology, allowing the user to retrieve an unlimited number of file versions, as well as deleted file retention, which can be customized by the user. CrashPlan’s product for QNAP devices backs data up on an external drive, and data can be retrieved on any of your devices.

    Ease of Use

    CrashPlan’s cloud backup solution for QNAP devices is fairly complex to install. Beyond the initial setup, backing up your files through CrashPlan can also be complicated, despite the product’s package management centre. This product requires Java installation before it can be used, meaning setup takes longer than other products on the market. CrashPlan does not offer file syncing or sharing, which may not be ideal for large businesses. Files can however, be restored from any device and in an unlimited number of versions, which is one convenient aspect of this product.


    CrashPlan’s cloud backup solution for QNAP is available with unlimited storage space for just $5.99 USD. This is a very low price point in comparison to other products, which could make the complex installation and usage worth it depending on the user. The company also allows potential subscribers to test the product during a generous 30-day free trial period.


    The CrashPlan website features an extensive list of support resources, including troubleshooting instructions, FAQs, account management information and others. The company also boasts a friendly support staff, which can be contacted via phone, email and live chat.

    Product Summary

    After weighing the pros and cons of CrashPlan’s cloud backup solution for QNAP, the product appears to be well worth the incredibly low price; however, certain users may have a difficult time reaping the benefits of this product. In terms of effective data backups, file recovery and protection, this product has a lot to offer. However, this solution does not offer file syncing or sharing, which could be frustrating for large businesses. The product is also complicated to set up and use, which makes it unsuitable for those who are not comfortable with this type of technology. The company offers great support resources, which provides enough guidance for all customers to use the product, however this can be time-consuming and therefore unsuitable for those who require a quick, easy solution.

    Pros And Cons
    • Friendly customer support
    • Versioning
    • Centralized management
    • High security
    • Affordable
    • Unlimited storage
    • Complicated setup
    • Unsuitable for large businesses
    • Difficult to use
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