Data Deposit Box among the most reliable cloud backup solutions for iOS products. This cloud backup solution is great for iOS device users who require a high level of protection for their files, and do not wish to spend time manually backing up their data. The Data Deposit Box iOS backup solution is also ideal for those who are not comfortable navigating advanced technology, as the product functions almost entirely automatically.


Data Deposit Box products are well known for their high standard for security, and the iOS cloud backup solution is no exception. This cloud backup solution boasts military grade encryption to protect users from ransomware and theft of their devices. The company also uses two-factor authentication, limiting access to the authorized user. In our experience with this product, the patented DDB continuous backup technology has performed incredibly well, backing up and saving all of our files (including open, working files) with an open file driver. The product uses time-stamping and versioning technology to ensure the user can access multiple versions of the files stored on their iOS devices.


Data Deposit Box offers a 14-day free trial, including all of the support and services that are available to paying subscribers, which gives users an ample amount of time to test the product. Beyond the free trial, this product is offered at a starting price of $20 USD per month with 200GB of data storage.

Ease of Use

Data Deposit Box offers a simple, easy-to-use interface. The initial backup of all iOS devices can be completed in less than 5 minutes. The product features centralized management on a page called the MyData Portal, which can be accessed from any device through a webpage or application. The company’s continuous backup technology creates a simple user experience, as backups occur automatically, saving all changes to data.


The team at Data Deposit Box sends out daily email reports so that the user is constantly protected and kept up to date on their backup service. The company also offers unlimited customer support for any technical issues that may arise.

Product Summary

Overall, this easy-to-use product is a great option for iOS device users at all levels of productivity, as it can support backups of a large quantity of data. The MyData Portal makes it easy and straight-forward for the user to manage backups, and make adjustments to their service. A backup solution like this is essential for iOS device users who require a high level of security in order to protect the important data on their iOS devices. Finally, this product is offered for a reasonable price for the high level of technology and incredible customer support available to the user.