Data Deposit Box offers a fast, reliable cloud backup solution for Synology NAS. With continuous backups, and advanced security measures to protect the images, music, and other important files on your Synology operating system at a fair price.


Data Deposit Box uses their patented continuous backup technology to keep your files saved and protected at all times, including open files on over 100 Synology NAS devices, which run QTS 4.3.3 or higher. Data Deposit Box protects your Synology files with 448-bit Blowfish, military-grade encryption and two-factor authentication, which stops unauthorized users from accessing your data. Versioning technology is used for time-stamped storage, which allows the user to recover previous versions of their altered files. DDB also makes use of real-time notifications, to keep the user updated at all times when issues arise.

Ease of Use

Data Deposit Box’s cloud backup solution for Synology NAS is incredibly easy to set up, taking no longer than five minutes. Information on your Synology data, versions of altered files, and customization of certain features such as scheduled backups, access permission, or data backup exclusions can all be accessed through the “MyData Portal,” making it very easy for users to keep up to date on their data. This portal features a simple, single page, user-friendly interface and can be managed online or from their mobile app.


This Synology NAS backup solution can be tested for 14 days due to the company’s generous free trial period. Beyond this trial period, users can subscribe to this excellent backup service for a starting price of $20USD per month.


Users can enjoy 24/7 live chat support on the Data Deposit Box website, as well as daily email reports, which help to protect your data and keep you up to date. The friendly team at DDB receives excellent reviews among Synology NAS users. The company also promises a service guarantee, which means their team is committed to excellent product performance and support. If problems are not resolved and your data is not adequately protected, you are entitled to a refund.

Overall, we find the price of this product to be incredibly reasonable due to the company’s excellent support resources, simple and organized interface, and advanced technology. Synology NAS users tend to store a range of data, from digital media to word documents. This makes Data Deposit Box’s continuous backup technology incredibly useful, as users do not need to manually perform backups or save altered data. This product is a great option for those who are not particularly tech-savvy, as well as those who plan on storing a large amount of data.