BackBlaze offers a reputable Windows cloud backup solution, with advanced security measures and cloud backup technology. The company boasts a much lower price-point than other Windows cloud backup providers, making it a great budget backup solution, suitable for individuals and small businesses, however some of the limitations of this product may make it a difficult service for large businesses to use.


BackBlaze Windows cloud backup technology is geared towards saving storage space, and keeping your device running without slowing it down. Although this product offers continuous backup technology and automated backups, the drive is scanned slowly and the product does not install any drives in order to achieve a simplified system. BackBlaze offers a fairly high level of security with two-factor authentication, data encryption technology, and monitoring the transfer of data. The BackBlaze Windows cloud storage product provides Windows users with the option to retrieve previous versions of their files through versioning technology.


Customers can create an account with BackBlaze and enjoy a 15-day free trial. The company boasts unlimited data storage for just $6 per month, however this only includes Zip restoration. The company charges $189 for an 8TB USB drive, or $99 for a flash key restoration.

Ease of Use

BackBlaze boasts an especially simple installation process, as the product simply backs up all of your files, rather than allowing the user to select specific files manually. This simple backup system comes at a cost however, as it results in a slower backup process and customers report many bugs in the software. Customers who are not especially tech-savvy can enjoy a simple interface, and automatic backups, which require no action from the user.


The BackBlaze website offers a comprehensive online help desk for FAQs as a responsive customer support team to help with further questions. Users however, have reported many bugs and discrepancies in the service, which causes them to seek out customer support more often than desired.

Product Summary

Overall, BackBlaze is an affordable option for small businesses or individuals who do not require an especially fast backup solution, and can deal with data storage that is limited to Zip file restoration. With simple user interface and a helpful customer support system, users can enjoy this product while their data is continuously backed up and secured with a variety of security measures.