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    SpiderOne Oak offers a highly secure personal cloud backup solution, featuring file-syncing and unlimited access to deleted files. This product comes at a high price point, and fails to offer the support and ease of use that other cloud backup solutions do, meaning users should consider all of the advantages and disadvantages of this product, before purchasing it.


    This product uses 256-bit encryption, as well as TLS/SSL protocols to protect your data. Data is stored in a high-security local database rather than a server. SpiderOak One offers limited file storage with plans ranging from 5GB to 2TB. The company also boasts a unique unlimited deleted file retention service, which is rare among cloud backup services. Additionally, SpiderOak One takes advantage of versioning technology in their cloud backup products, which allows the user to access previous versions of their files. The product’s file-syncing technology keeps your files consistent between devices, which is a useful feature for those using multiple devices.


    SpiderOak One operates at a higher price point than most cloud backup products, however they offer a 21-day free trial period, which is longer than most of their competitors. Plans range from 5GB for $60 per year, to 2TB for $129 per year.

    Ease of Use

    SpiderOak One offers a relatively fast backup service, with the addition of block-level backup after the initial process is complete. Although fairly simple to navigate, users often find the interface to be cumbersome and inconvenient as the customer is not able to change their plan, or view activity on the website. The product also offers a mobile application for users to access information about the service, however this is also limited in resources. File-syncing makes using multiple devices to access files easy and consistent, as changes will be saved across all of your devices.


    The SpiderOak One personal cloud backup solution does not provide live support, which can be frustrating for users looking for quick answers. Support is limited to a comprehensive webpage on their site, where customers can search through common issues and find many of the answers they need. However, to speak to a member of their team, users must submit a request and wait up to 10 hours for an answer. The SpiderOak One team also only responds to requests from Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm, meaning customers are forced to work around the company’s business hours in order to receive answers to questions.

    Product Summary

    Overall, the SpiderOak One personal cloud backup solution is a reliable option for those who are looking for a service with extensive data security measures and quick backups. In terms of interface and support however, the product leaves much to be desired, making this product unsuitable for those who are not comfortable navigating their way through an unfamiliar software. The product’s high price point is difficult to justify considering all of these factors, unless the user requires one of its unique features such as unlimited deleted file recovery.

    Pros And Cons
    • FIle-syncing
    • Fast backups
    • High level of security
    • Unlimited deleted file recovery
    • Limited customer support
    • Complex interface
    • High price point
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